Master Your Anxiety

Transformational Life Coaching for Teens & Parents


My Process

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I am a Transformational Life Coach who works with teens experiencing stress, anxiety and panic, so that they can excel in school, relationships, and life. I also help support parents so that they can maintain their health and strength while supporting their loved ones. I also coach women around issues related to boundaries, relationships, money, body image and weight loss.

My process uses NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to stop the panic in it’s tracks. Then you and your teen receive powerful personal coaching to understand how the mind works and learn how to manage your mind. I am not a therapist - I am a coach - a guide to lead you through this tough patch and get safely on the other side. This provides me with a bit more creativity in how I provide sessions (via FaceTime, or zoom, texts, quick phone calls, videos, etc…). My process uses a combination of NLP, coaching, movement, yoga, story telling, and other tools.

My background in physical health, life coaching and diving deep into learning all that is out there on anxiety and panic during and after experiencing anxiety in our family several years ago, makes me uniquely qualified to help others quickly dissolve the acute terror, and then ensure peace and hope for success going forward.




I work with clients in 2 ways:

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2-Week Intensive

High-level support & time with me to relieve the acute terror of panic episodes, using visual, phone, text, video for both parent and teen. Guidance in understanding the mind and pattern interruption to change pre-existing reactions & panic.

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6-Week Coaching

For anyone (teens or mothers) who is not experiencing the acute panic, but is struggling with feeling anxious and stressed. Includes moms with money issues, weight issues, relationship boundary issues.




Wise Women ReTREATS

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These retreats are built for stressed-out women who are ready to show up more fully for themselves, to rediscover their strengths and desire to live their best lives, and led by Rebecca, transformational life coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor.

The Wise Women ReTREATs are held on a private estate in Scottsdale, Arizona in the mid-winter - just the right time for sunny skies, a warm pool and amazing weather for hikes. It’s an opportunity to completely disconnect from the outside world and connect to your inside world, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful nature. You will be nourished by a remarkable chef, receive a welcome all body massage, and experience Rebecca’s transformational life coaching workshop to uncover your true self and create a course for happiness. Rebecca also leads you through daily yoga and hikes on a different mountain each day - even a trip to the red rocks of Sedona!