Rebecca Kahn

Your teen can thrive

in school and life!

Is this you?

You are concerned that you teen is struggling.

He’s such a great kid, smart, fun to be around, but he is in his room too much, hates school, and seems down and surly.

She flies off the handle at the least little things and actually missed school 2 days last week.

You don’t know what is wrong, but this is more than just regular teen moods.


You need help

Where do you turn? What do you do? Does she need to go to a psychiatrist?! Get on meds? Go to a military camp to get some tough-love? Send him to your cousin’s farm in Wisconsin?

You might not need to go to such drastic measures!

I am here to help you and your teen.

I’ve been where you are, confused, upset, not knowing where to turn. When my daughter was 13 she My daughter couldn’t set foot in school due to panic and anxiety. I threw myself into learning all I could to help her, our family, and our relationships. She is now 20 and thriving in college and life! I can help your teen too.

Rebecca just “gets it”. My son would not go to school. Within days of working with Rebecca, his panic was gone - that was so powerful. Then we worked together to create a plan to get him on the path that was meant for him. We’ve learned how to handle all the stress that comes up and work together as a team. Rebecca is magical!
— -Anna Louise
At her core, Rebecca is about freedom and joy, and she will meet you wherever you are (and i do mean WHEREVER) and guide and empower you to uncover the things that keep you from living to your fullest. She is compassionate and understanding, but don’t try to give her any BS answer about why you are settling , she will call you on it. Rebecca combines a breadth of knowledge with an ability to see the best in people, and a passion for helping people see the best in themselves. If you are ready to become who you’re meant to be, call Rebecca - she’ll help you get there.”
— -Marissa
Rebecca helped me get a different outlook on anxiety with our sessions. This helped me in school because I felt that I had a better way of getting a grasp on my anxiety. After our sessions, I felt i had a way to handle my anxiety and panic attacks in college instead of just staying in my dorm and skipping my classes. I was very relieved that I finally wasn’t panicking as much and if I did, I know how to handle it!
— - Hannah

Your teen will be alright. We will eradicate those debilitating feelings. Your teen will know how to handle stress and adversity. Peace will be restored to your family.

Let’s talk and see if I can help you.


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